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The Buddhist and the Ethicist

The Buddhist and the Ethicist: Conversations on Effective Altruism, Engaged Buddhism, and How to Build a Better World

Peter Singer and Shih Chao-Hwei

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Eastern spirituality and utilitarian philosophy meet in these unique dialogues between a Buddhist monastic and a moral philosopher on such issues as animal welfare, gender equality, the death penalty and more. An unlikely duo, preeminent Australian philosopher and professor of bioethics Peter Singer and Taiwanese Buddhist monastic and social activist Shih Chao-Hwei, discuss ethics in lively conversations that cross oceans, overcome language and cultural barriers and bridge philosophies.

Together, these two deep thinkers explore the foundation of ethics and key Buddhist concepts, and ultimately reveal how we can all move towards making the world a better place.



About the Authors
Peter Singer

Australian philosopher Peter Singer is Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University and the recipient of the Berggruen Prize for ideas that shape human self-understanding. He is the author of more than twenty books, including The Ethics of What We Eat (with Jim Mason) and The Most Good You Can Do. Singer divides his time between...

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Shih Chao-Hwei

Shih Chao-Hwei was born in Myanmar in 1958. She founded the Life Conservation Association to improve animals welfare and the Buddhist Hong-Shi College in Taiwan. She teaches in the Religion and Cultural Department at Taiwan’s Hsuan-Chuang University and is a spiritual mentor of the International Network of Engaged Buddhists along with the...

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3 January 2024
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Praise for Peter Singer and Shih Chao-Hwei
andThe Buddhist and the Ethicist

‘Their dialogues unfold in rigorous detail and probe rich and trenchant ethical questions… . Plenty of insight in these thought-provoking and challenging investigations.’

‘Peter Singer’s status as a man of principles and towering intellect—a philosopher extraordinaire, if you will—is unrivalled in Australia.’

‘A public intellectual par excellence.‘

‘Peter Singer may be the most controversial philosopher alive; he is certainly among the most influential.’

‘Lively, instructive and respectful…For those interested in how nuanced philosophical thought can inform our daily lives and actions, this accessible meeting of minds is a good place to start.’

‘A stimulating volume which raises important questions.’

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