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Suddenly Single at Sixty

Suddenly Single at Sixty: ‘Fresh and funny—best-friend material.’ Hannie Rayson

Jo Peck

Dumped by her husband of twenty-five years, Jo Peck—smart, successful and sixty—is totally floored.

There’s the complete bombshell of the news, the cliché of a younger woman—a much younger woman—there’s the disappointment of cancelled retirement travel plans, and there’s the foundation-rocking loss of her sense of identity—if she’s no longer Rex’s wife, who the hell is she?

She’s lost and angry and hurt and confused.

But not for long!

There’s the comfort and support of excellent friends and newly forged connections with extended family, there’s therapy. And there’s internet dating.

This inspiring, witty and at times hilarious memoir tells the story of the road from shock and despair to an unexpected new life, of friendship, romance and racy sex—proof that being suddenly single at sixty is not the end, it’s an opportunity for a fabulous new beginning.


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Jo Peck
About the Author

Jo Peck grew up in Healesville, Victoria. She worked in advertising for thirty-five years, co-running her own ad agency, Working Girls Advertising, for twenty of those years. She lives in Melbourne with her new partner.

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30 April 2024
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Praise for Jo Peck
andSuddenly Single at Sixty

‘Sharp, sad and ultimately triumphant memoir…A familiar sort of story, but Peck writes with great candour and wit and there are some surprise developments along the way that make this journey well worth taking.’

‘A hilariously uplifting memoir about what happens when your marriage suddenly ends.’

‘In the world rife with ageism, Jo Peck’s defiant memoir shows that turning sixty has nothing to do with turning your back on sex, love, or any other passions. The vitality, wit and sheer exuberance of this emotionally honest and compelling book is infectious; it’s a nourishing work.’

‘Fresh and funny—best-friend material.’

‘There’s the bombshell of the news…The disappointment of cancelled retirement plans…And the foundation-rocking loss of [Jo Peck’s] sense of identity. And yet this is an uplifting, witty and hilarious memoir.’

‘Gut-wrenching and inspiring…[Jo Peck] clearly has a way with words.’

‘5 stars. If ever there was a manual for surviving a marriage breakup at 60, this is it…Peck provides a candid account of the hurt and betrayal that she worked through to find her final acceptance of a second chance at a good life, while remembering the good times, and consigning the bad times to history.’

‘While Peck was gutted in the months after Rex’s betrayal blindsided her, she brings to her tale a wicked, witty, self-deprecating touch that transforms this shattering experience at the age of 60 into an exhilarating second chance at life. Her dawning insight into why she accommodated Rex’s brooding volatility during their marriage will strike a chord with anyone who has lived with such behaviour. And while finding love again gives her story a conventionally happy ending, it’s what she learns about herself when free of Rex’s shadow that makes for such a satisfying read.’

’Splendid and heartfelt…A very useful guide to both red flags and working out what you are, and are not, prepared to tolerate in any future relationship…Peck is a generous, considered and honest raconteur. She shares all of herself and she does it with brio, humour and warmth. She also has the breezy and oh so readable writing skills of someone who has spent a career knowing how to string two words together to make the person reading them want more…’

‘4.5 stars. There are sad and poignant moments, as well as funny ones (I’m pretty sure nearly every review will mention that massage) but she mixes it up so that her story never becomes boring or her theme’s repetitive…I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary for you to be ‘age appropriate’ to enjoy this book. There’s nothing that a younger reader wouldn’t understand and relate to at all. In fact, if some of us stop and review our choices a little earlier in life, it wouldn’t be a bad thing.’

‘Peck writes engagingly, and with a delightful humour. She delves into the nitty-gritty of relationships in a direct and authentic way. And most charmingly, she describes a mostly positive experience in online dating…Thought-provoking, raising questions around marriage, relationships, and female self-identity.’

‘You don’t need to be sixty or older to find support, humour and hope here…This is the sort of book you will not only enjoy, dumped or otherwise, but find yourself buying multiple copies for friends going through tough times.’

‘It’s open, honest, only mildly filtered…And it’s a wonderful book to read. No, Jo isn’t perfect (thank Gods!), she gets anxious the same way Bridget Jones and me did in her twenties, her body is not in its twenties, but damn, this woman has some ovaries! I smiled. A lot. I felt for her. A lot. This memoir is a rare specimen that manages to be both interesting and well written.’

‘Honest and endearing…Whether you relate to this personally or know someone going through a break-up, prepare to be inspired. Peck’s hopeful and heartfelt journey is a blueprint for resiliency and reinvention after separation—whatever your age.’

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