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Penny Draws a Secret Adventure

Penny Draws a Secret Adventure

Penny Draws, Book Three

Sara Shepard

Little by little, Penny Lowry is making it through grade five—with a bit of help from her friends and her loveable dog, Cosmo. There’s a lot of change to deal with this year!

Penny’s newborn twin brother and sister have everyone in her family on their last nerve with their crying. Her friends, Maria and Chloe, are spending a lot of time together without inviting Penny along, making her worry they might be getting tired of her. And on top of everything, Penny and her friends discover a very old map in her attic that sends them on a wild scavenger hunt all over town in search of treasure! Can Penny get her worries about her friends and family under control, and lead her group of friends to find the hidden treasure?


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Sara Shepard
About the Author

Sara Shepard is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Pretty Little Liars series, The Lying Game series, The Heiresses, The Elizas, The Perfectionists series, and Reputation. She is also the author of the Penny Draws series for middle-grade readers.

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3 April 2024
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Praise for Sara Shepard
andPenny Draws a Secret Adventure

‘This series is sure to become a sought after, passed around the playground, beloved favourite.’

‘A heartfelt exploration of anxiety, of friendship, and of finding your people.’

‘A bright and emotionally accessible story full of wit and warmth.’

‘4.5 stars. Penny Draws teaches readers that you can live with anxiety, that it will wax and wane, but there people in your life and strategies that can help…Overall, Penny Draws a Secret Adventure continues the legacy of the Penny Draws series, with all of its heart and humour.’

‘Highlights creativity and literacy, encouraging kids to explore different ways of reading…The exploration of friendship and creativity takes centre stage, and allows each character to shine…It is a story that is filled with humour and mystery.’

‘This third series entry offers yet more humour and genuine positivity along with an honest portrayal of how anxiety can affect young people…The third volume moves more quickly than the previous two, yet it maintains the wit and warmth (greatly supported by the charming black-and-white cartoon illustrations) that readers have come to expect from Penny’s escapades. A sympathetic and amusing account of a young anxiety sufferer navigating life changes.’

‘Funny but heartfelt with comic style illustrations…Dry humour abounds and Shepard has a clear understanding of contemporary tween and teen life…The writing style is witty and revolves around Penny’s friendship dramas and family life, as well as giving voice to her ever-present self-doubt and lapses in self-confidence.’

‘This lively story is told through printed text and copious comic strip layouts scattered on every page…This strategy of interwoven word and pictorial commentary adds insight, humour and depth to the characters.’

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    ISBN: 9781922791634
    3 April 2024
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