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Outlaw Girls

Kate and Ruby live in the High Country in Victoria. They’re both daring, quick-thinking and prepared to break the rules, and they’re both brilliant horse riders—they’d probably be great friends. But they live in different times, more than 140 years apart.

While galloping through the mountains, Kate rides headlong into a thrilling experience that transports her from 1878 to the future, where she meets Ruby. Kate and Ruby return to 1878, where Kate is secretly taking supplies to her brother Ned and the rest of the Kelly Gang, who are in hiding from the police. Together the girls work to confuse the police and keep the gang from being found and arrested. But the looming disaster makes things less clear-cut for Ruby.

They’re about to have the ride of their lives!

Outlaw Girls is an exciting, fast-paced time-slip novel, narrated by both Ruby and Kate, about family, friendship, loyalty and betrayal, the complexity of right and wrong, and working out what matters most.



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About the Authors
Emily Gale

Emily Gale’s books include The Other Side of Summer and its companion novel I Am Out with Lanterns, the Eliza Boom Diaries, Steal My Sunshine and Girl, Aloud, as well as her recent middle-grade collaboration with friend and fellow author Nova Weetman, Elsewhere Girls.

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Nova Weetman

Nova Weetman is an acclaimed writer of many books for young adults and children. Her middle-grade novels include The Secrets We Keep, The Secrets We Share, Sick Bay, The Edge of Thirteen and The Jammer, as well as Elsewhere Girls and Outlaw Girls with Emily Gale.

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27 February 2024
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Praise for Emily Gale and Nova Weetman
andOutlaw Girls

‘A thrilling ride of danger and friendship across time, Outlaw Girls is an adventure of courage and loyalty from two favourite authors. I wanted to gallop away with Kate and Ruby.’

‘Emily Gale and Nova Weetman deliver again with Outlaw Girls…This time-slip story is riveting upper-middle-grade historical fiction like you’ve never seen it before.’


‘A charming, eye-opening exploration of gender restrictions and self-determination.’

‘4.5 stars. A great history book [with] several underlying themes which deal with things such as honesty, making the right choice (not the easy choice), and choosing friends wisely. Ruby has many flaws and we see her struggle with growing up. There could be much discussion in a classroom setting around these themes…Their characters are well rounded and the imagery makes it easy to imagine life in the high country of Victoria in the 1880s…Young people who love horses will particularly enjoy Outlaw Girls.’

‘A compelling read where modern-day teenage angst and privilege meets poverty and injustice in colonial Australia…Ingeniously [tells] the story of the Kelly women and how they supported their brothers and kept the family together.’

‘The thing that stood out to me the most was that the women and girls were at the forefront, having their voices heard…That is what makes historical fiction like this so powerful—allowing people who have previously been silenced to have a voice…Emily and Nova’s books bring history to life.’

‘This is an awesome story for young readers interested in historical fiction, or anyone who loves a bit of action and intrigue!’

‘Horses and history combine in this exciting middle‑grade novel that will have children who love stories about the bush and bushrangers completely hooked.’

‘This is a wonderful time-slip historical novel, set in and around events that have been so much a part of Australian history. It is a story of growing up and realising the consequences of your actions, thinking of others, loyalty to both friends and family, and understanding that the choices that we face are often complex and difficult. It will be enjoyed by all those in upper primary and lower secondary.’

‘Emily Gale and Nova Weetman passionately delve into untold stories of female empowerment in history, crafting accessible and joyful historical fiction for young readers.’

‘Rich in historical detail, including an Afterword that speaks to the research process. It brings the Kelly myth to life, focusing on the Kelly women. As a time traveler, Ruby acts as a translator for the reader, identifying social and economic changes over time, and grappling with ideas of justice, loyalty and revenge. Whilst history itself might not change, the ways in which we interrogate it do. This book brings opportunities for nuanced reflection on the Kelly myth beyond “good” and “bad” towards exploration of the drivers of crime, including racism, poverty and illiteracy.’

‘Two of the most inspiring women I know…Beloved for their writing around the country.’

‘This captivating time slip, middle grade novel seamlessly weaves elements of mystery, adventure and history with depth and authenticity…With a deft touch, Outlaw Girls brings the past to life, exploring universal themes like betrayal, loyalty, family, friendship and finding your voice. Young readers will be engrossed by this very Aussie tale….Saddle up for this rollicking romp of a ride over 150 years through Victoria’s high country.’

‘A ripping good yarn!…Such is the beauty of a well-crafted time slip novel; allowing readers to become fully submersed into the then and now and emerge with a more profound appreciation of both characters’ points of view…For those who are wild at heart, love a great galloping tale with a healthy dose of fantasy and history, get involved with the Outlaw Girls!’

‘5 stars. The educational adventure novel not only gives an insight into Australian history, but also explores the themes of family, friendship, loyalty and betrayal, right and wrong. Outlaw Girls is intriguing, heart-warming and cleverly written with both main characters portrayed as well rounded and growing…A pleasure to read and a must have at any school library.’

‘With just the right number of historical facts sprinkled into this time slip tale, Outlaw Girls gallops along keeping the pages turning with fun, humour, and adventure. The reader can easily imagine being in the saddle with Ruby and Kate…Such a great Aussie read and even though most will know the history of Ned Kelly, few will know about his brave and fearless younger sister Kate Kelly, until now.’

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  • Outlaw Girls
    ISBN: 9781922791313
    27 February 2024
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